Flash in Orion

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Feb 172015

I was imaging Orion when I captured this shot. Still trying to work out what it was. It was taken from Inverness, Scotland on 16th February, 2015 at 21.04UT.

ufo 4se m42 30s 6400_0096 text

Below are some other shots I took the same night.

M42 using 300mm lens

M42 using 300mm lens


M42 using Nexstar 4SE

Flame Nebula

Flame Nebula using 300mm lens

All images taken with Canon 1100D, stacked in DeepSkyStacker and processed in StarTools and Krita.

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Alt-Az Orion Nebula

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Feb 142015

I got a book on astrophotography for xmas and one of the things it said was that you can’t do deep sky imaging with an alt-az mount. I thought I would try it out and left my NexStar 4SE tracking M42 un-guided while I watched the football. My Canon 1100D recorded around 50x good 30sec exposures which were stacked in DeepSky Stacker and processed in StarTools and Krita to give the result below.

Click for full size image

Click for full size image

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Cluster of Clusters

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Jan 252015

Here is my first real go at capturing clusters with my Nexstar 4SE OTA and Canon 1100D combo on an unguided HEQ5 Pro. All stacked in DeepSkyStacker and processed in StarTools and Krita. Krita is very cool and easy to use and can handle the 16bit tiffs from StarTool. Lights and darks all 20s and biases 1/4000s, all at ISO 6400.









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2015 Orion Nebula

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Jan 232015

This is my latest M42 captured on my Canon 1100D thru a Nexstar 4SE OTA mounted on a HEQ5 Pro. Stacking was done in Deep Sky Stacker and Processing in StarTools. I know it looks very gaudy but I like it. To me, it looks like we are peering thru furnace clouds into the blue white heat of the stellar foundry within. There is even a hint of some Pillars of Creation type features around the blue core.

m42all good 90 ST

Pillars of Creation?

Pillars of Creation?

Image was composed of 189 lights, 22 darks and 23 biases. All shot at ISO 6400 with 20s for lights and darks and 1/4000s for biases. Mount was unguided.


StarTools creator Ivo took pity on my processing efforts and produced the image below from my data. Talk about chalk and cheese. You can see his processing workflow here.

m42all good 90 with bias001 ivo cropped

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DSSR Drift Alignment

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Jan 202015

I normally keep my mounts poorly aligned to allow testing of DSSR’s autoguiding feature. However, I wanted to take some deep sky shots so thought I better drift align first. Drift aligning is done in 2 steps and you can use the Sun, Moon, planets or stars as drift targets.

First, setup DSSR looking at a target in the South (or North if you are South of the equator) with roughly 0 degrees declination and open the Autoguide window and its Graph window. Right click on the target (I used a sunspot) which will turn on the drift monitoring mode and watch how the mDV line drifts off the horizontal. Stop monitoring, adjust your east-west mount adjustment screws and start monitoring again. If the slope of the mDV line gets steeper you have adjusted in the wrong direction. Repeat this process until the mDV line is horizontal like this screenshot.

Screen 20150119112741 000397

Next, choose a target near the eastern or western horizon. Repeat the monitoring process but this time adjust the north-south screws on your mount to get mDV horizontal like below.

Screen 20150119112741 001405

You can see above that I over-adjusted and the mDV curve started to climb. I then had to adjust in the other direction to bring the curve horizontal. I am now drift aligned.

ps Make sure you set your scope rate to suit your drift target.

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First Winter Orion Nebula

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Dec 182014

Click on image for full size

Managed to get this winter’s first shots of M42 last night with my Canon 1100D/Nexstar 4SE OTA/HEQ5 combo. Clouds and poor alignment meant I only got 36 decent shots of 10s at ISO6400 at prime focus. Stacking was done in DeepSkyStacker with post-processing in StarTools.

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Canon 1100D and Nexstar 4SE First Light

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Jan 012014

m42b2 gimp

Just tried out my new 1100D at prime focus thru my 4SE’s optical port in alt-az mode. I captured 90 frames (each 20s x ISO6400) using Canon EOS Utilities and then used AstroKam to filter them down to 56 good frames. DeepSkyStacker did its stacking magic and then Star Tools brought out the detail and colors.

Click on the image to see the original or click this link to see a zoomable version.

Update: I actually captured in 3 batches to give a total of 114 good light frames. Below is the new result and it looks like the extra frames give more detail in the fainter regions.

m42 ST threshold 5 114 frames median filter jpg


Again, here is a zoomable version.

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Orion M42 with Canon A810 at 2x Zoom

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Dec 112013

This was taken with my Canon A810 looking thru my Nexstar 4SE in alt-az mode. Stacked in DeepSkyStacker and processed in Star Tools then Gimp.

M42 in Orion

M42 in Orion – Click for full size image

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AstroKam M42

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Dec 052013

Here is my latest AstroKam shot of M42 in Orion taken with my £50 Canon A810 mounted on my Nexstar 4SE in alt-az mode. AstroKam automatically slewed to M42 during an all-night survey and spent 60 minutes shooting lights, darks and offsets. The best 43 lights were selected using AstroKam’s Sort module and stacked in DeepSkyStacker and processed in the beta version of Star Tools.

Click for full size image


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