Jan 232015

This is my latest M42 captured on my Canon 1100D thru a Nexstar 4SE OTA mounted on a HEQ5 Pro. Stacking was done in Deep Sky Stacker and Processing in StarTools. I know it looks very gaudy but I like it. To me, it looks like we are peering thru furnace clouds into the blue white heat of the stellar foundry within. There is even a hint of some Pillars of Creation type features around the blue core.

m42all good 90 ST

Pillars of Creation?

Pillars of Creation?

Image was composed of 189 lights, 22 darks and 23 biases. All shot at ISO 6400 with 20s for lights and darks and 1/4000s for biases. Mount was unguided.


StarTools creator Ivo took pity on my processing efforts and produced the image below from my data. Talk about chalk and cheese. You can see his processing workflow here.

m42all good 90 with bias001 ivo cropped

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