Fame at Last

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Apr 012024

I was really honoured to be featured on the front page of spaceweather .com recently. Click here to see the animation.

Click image to visit article on SpaceWeather.com
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2023 Prominence Compilation

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Oct 292023

Above is a compilation of the solar prominence animations I captured in 2023 from Inverness, Scotland. Full details of equipment and software used are in the end credits.

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Frisky Prominence

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Sep 272023

This was a short capture of a prominence that was very animated considering it only lasted 25 minutes.

Click on image for full size version.

Captured with my 90mm PST mod, 2.5x barlow and DMK21 camera.

More of my animations are here.

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Dave’s Video Cleaner (DVC)

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Aug 062022

Here is a preview of my latest app DVC which is used to clean up astro videos.

I capture hundreds of videos using DSSR over several hours to create my solar animations. These are then batch processed by Registax or Avistack. However, any dark frames caused by clouds can cause glitches or even shutdowns for the stackers. DVC works by first analysing the brightness of every frame in every video. Any videos with frames that are too dark are moved into a folder called “2Bcleaned”.

DVC then processes the videos requiring cleaning and creates a copy video with the darker frames removed. These can then be included with the ‘clean’ videos and batch processed by stacking software with no problems.

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8 Hour Solar Rotation

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Jun 272022

This animation shows 8 hours of solar activity caught with my Coronado PST on June 23rd, 2022. Software used was DFM, DSSR, Avistack, Gimp, Advanced Renamer and DVS. It repeats in reverse so you can see the Sun’s rotation.

I also managed to catch a jet passing the Sun which is below at half speed.

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Latest AstroKam Captures

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Mar 062022

Here are a selection of my latest captures taken with my £90 Canon SX530HS. Click on an image for full size original.

Flame and Horsehead Nebulae
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Svbony SV105 Lunar Flyover

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Feb 202022

I shot this with my SV105 camera on February 10, 2022. Clear Highland air gave very steady seeing so I caught a lot of detail.

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Sunlit Birdbath

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Apr 212021

The video above shows blackbirds enjoying a shower with the splashes lit up by sunlight. Shot using CHDK in Canon SX530HS. The video below shows how it looks after processing in Dave’s Motion Stacker software.

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Jan 202021

My new SV105 camera just turned up from China for £36 including 7 day delivery. Remarkable, considering a lot of UK vendors won’t deliver to Scotland. Worked straight out of the box so hooked it up to my 140Mak and left DSSR running overnight capturing a series of lunar mosaics. The best seeing was just before dawn and you can watch a flyover animation of the resulting mosaic below.

And below is another animation made on the 23rd January 2021:

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