Alt-Az Messier 42

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Nov 132013

AstroKam was used in a 2 hour capture session using my Canon A810 mounted on my Nexstar 4SE in alt-az mode.

I used AstroKam’s new Sort routine to pick out the best captures which were stacked in DeepSkyStacker. Star Tools then brought out the details and colors to produce this image. Pretty good for a £50 camera?

Click for full size image

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AstroKam Trial Images 2013-11-05

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Nov 102013

Below are the first trial overnight auto-survey images using AstroKam to control my Canon A810 and Nexstar alt-az mount. Still getting the hang of things but I am pretty pleased considering the camera only cost £50. Click on each detail image to see the original widefield shot. All images stacked in DeepSkyStacker and processed in Star Tools. Note that these images were taken using just the camera lens – no telescope was involved.

M45 Detail

M45 Detail


Ison 60s detail

Comet Ison 2013-11-5

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Nov 102013

Here is my latest capture using AstroKam with my Canon A810 looking thru the eyepiece of my Nexstar 4SE in alt-az mode. Stacking in Deep Sky Stacker and processing in Star Tools.

The sky was patchy so I only got 11x 10s lights, 2 darks and 2 biases.

Click for full size image

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Canon A810 Moon

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May 032013

I have been trying out my £50 Canon A810 camera for astro work. An early trial was to connect it to my Nexstar 4SE scope with a Skywatcher digiscoping bracket and the results were pretty good.

Here is a sample and you can see more of the image by clicking on it.

Click for full size image

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