Happy Holidays from the Taxman

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Dec 212014

New European tax rules mean that it is no longer viable to sell my software online. Therefore, all my astro software is now freeware and is available in Downloads.

Clear skies and enjoy your holidays!

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TapaTalk added to forum

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Sep 172012

Our forum now supports TapaTalk which opens up all its features to iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Chrome mobile users.

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New Image and Video Sharing Area

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Sep 162012

I just added a new video and sharing area to this site here.

I have set it up so that you only need to join the support forum and you are then automatically registered on the sharing page.

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Software Installation

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Sep 162012

I missed out an important step from the software manuals.

You should first remove any versions of my software that you installed from my Window Sill Observatory site. You can do this using your Windows Control Panel.

Note that this will not delete your settings files and they will still be usable in the new version.

I will update the manuals to reflect this.

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