CHDK AstroKam


CHDK AstroKam is a Windows application that lets you control your Canon CHDK camera via USB remote control.

m45 ivo


It is designed to take long exposures of the night sky. It has LiveView and copies of your camera buttons which allows you to set all the camera parameters remotely as well as RAW shooting. It also allows you to set multi-second duration exposures for deep sky work with the following options:

  1. Single exposure.
  2. Sequence of exposures for stacking.
  3. Sky survey plans of different targets using ASCOM controlled telescope mounts.
  4. Automatic dark and bias frames.
  5. Flat and dark flat frames routine.
  6. Automatic generation of Deep Sky Stacker project files.
  7. Sort module for removing duff images prior to stacking.

Full details are on the CHDK Wiki here.

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