Nov 052019

This is a short tutorial on how to use the CHDK hack with your Canon camera to freeze birds in flight. The setup I use is shown below.

First download the CHDK MDFB2013 script and add two minus signs to the start of line “set_prop(props.FLASH_MODE, 2) -- flash off“. This will allow the flash to fire.

Use CHDK Enhanced Photo Operations to select the maximum flash power and set Tv to a low value such as 0.0003s. I use Av mode with a wide open aperture and ISO 100. I focus on the feeder in Macro mode and then switch to manual focus. Set the flash to always fire.

I then leave the MDFB2013 script running for a while. I found that the script is not fast enough to catch the birds landing so most of the shots are of the birds on the feeder. However, you should get several shots of the birds taking off like below.

Click on an image below to see some results.

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